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Sausage, plant based product made of finely chopped and seasoned plant based meat, which may be fresh, smoked, or pickled and which is then usually stuffed into a casing. 
The word 
sausage, from the Latin salsus (“salted”), refers to a food-processing method that had been used for centuries.
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Is it possible to request personalized dishes ?

Yes you can do this but this facility is available in only a few items.

How would you rate the quality of our food ?

The rating can vary from 1 (Poor Quality) to 5 (Great Quality). One of
the top survey questions about food, this is a straightforward way of
finding out whether people enjoy your menu items or not.

Was the staff friendly and welcoming ?

Moving on to a new restaurant survey questions topic, this is a simple
way of finding out if your customers enjoy the service and feel welcomed
at your restaurant. Plus, it also helps you figure out if your
employees have the right attitude.

Did you find anything missing from the menu?

is a great way to learn more about what your customers are looking for,
as well as making them feel like their opinion matters. Plus, you also
end up with new ideas for future menu items!

Can I change this on my order?

Another common request is changes in meals. The important thing is for
staff to perfectly know which types of changes are allowed and which are
not so that they can answer confidently and courteously. Generally, if
they are simple changes like swapping vegetables for fries on the side.

Is it very spicy?

One attribute that is difficult to measure is a dish's spiciness. It is
usually not a problem for customers that love spiciness, because the
more the merrier. However, many clients may be curious to try a spicy
dish but need to be assured that it won't scorch their mouth and ruin
their experience. One option is to invite the customer to taste a spicy sauce that you may have handy
and give them a reference for the dish based on that. Of course, it is
crucial that the waiter has tried it beforehand and is familiar with its
level of intensity.