Let's Eat Healthier, Together!

Say hello to the joy of eating healthy and animal-free diet, completely plant-based meat, from the heart of Bangalore, Say hello to IMPOSTER-MEAT!!

Imposter Meat Recipes

About Us

We're a vegan meat company that's changing the way you think about food.

We believe in healthy foods, plant-based meat, and an animal-free diet. 

Dedicated to providing healthy products that are made with care and love.

What are Mission/Vision

Dedicated to creating delicious, nutritious and hygienic sustainable protein. Impostermeat ensures your family Eats what you love, Guilt-Free

  • Plant Based Meat

    Burger Patties

    Looking for an easy, healthy and tasty meal? These plant-based burger patties are made with 100% safe and natural ingredients, are low in fat and are gluten-free.  It tastes like the best burger you've ever had, but without the guilt.

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  • Vegan Plant Based Meat Online

    Meat Balls

    These flavourful, meatballs are loaded with amazing flavours and have the same traditional ginger garlic taste of meatballs that mom used to make, with the same amount of protein as that of meat, just without the animal.

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Eco-friendly Meat

(why we Do it)

To Help Save The Earth

By eating meat made from plants instead of meat made from animals, we can drastically cut our carbon footprint, use less water supplies and help ensure that our precious Earth is here not just tomorrow but for future generations. (With Impossible Beef Made From Plants, it’s never been more delicious to help save the planet) 

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  • Meatless Meat


    We take great care of cleanliness

  • What Do We Care About

    Providing the best service to the customers.

    We make meals that fill the soul, make you happy and for sure make you want to come back for more.

    We know the importance of safe foods,

    Our products are ensured high quality and hygienic.  We also ensure to care for our planet, and have no wastage of food products.

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  • Waste Management

    There is no wastage of food here